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Ilha do Papagaio Inn

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It is the best choice for those who love nature, Peace and rest but it also offers fun for those who would rather go look for a little adventure. We offer Services such as boat tours and spa. Trails, kayaks, fresco ball, speedball, fishing spots and more.

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The Island
We are located at 35km from Florianopolis and in front of the beautiful Pinheira’s cove, south of Santa Catarina. The Papagaio Island is highlighted by its nature of preserved forest, with trails that offer panoramic views to private beaches.

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When the family’s Sehn patriarch, encouraged by his son, came to the beach “Praia do Sonho” on the Coast of Santa Catarina, 35km from Florianópolis, no one in his family imagined that right there would begin the story of a Roteiros de Charme’s Inn ( Association of luxury inns in Brazil) and that it would stand out by its environmental stance.

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Social Environmental
The island is a big open nursery, visited by countless rare and exotic birds living free, and we have 3 open nurseries which provide fruit and birdseed to feed them. This really is a sideshow.

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Natural Attractions
With stunning natural landscapes, with intoxicating scents of nature, green gardens and colorful flowers that fill up our soul and renew us, giving strength and vitality weakened by foray of the daily routine.

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It happens Here!
Here is the perfect place for corporate events and incentive plans, one of the advantages of the island, is to provide an environment where groups are more united. We received mainly people who need peace and quiet.

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