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When the family’s Sehn patriarch, encouraged by his son, came to the beach “Praia do Sonho” on the Coast of Santa Catarina, 35km from Florianópolis, no one in his family imagined that right there would begin the story of a Roteiros de Charme’s Inn ( Association of luxury inns in Brazil) and that it would stand out by its environmental stance. As a Fisherman from Porto Alegre, he fell in love with the place and wanted to buy some land. The only thing for sale was an island.

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It first became the reunion place for family on weekends and holidays. For family Sehn it was a permanent temptation. Occasionally, the family gathered and talked about the idea of leaving everything and doing something different on the island. That idea became Pagagaio Island Inn, initiated in 1993.

The Island has 142.000m2 and only 1,5 are occupied, being 0,6 built and the rest natural vegetation mixed with forest and sandbanks . This one is located in front of the Papagaio Island and separates the beach “Praia da Pinheira” from the beach ” Praia do Sonho”. Behind them, dominates the splendid Tabueleiro sierra. The southern tip of the Santa Catarina’s coast is part of the Serra do Tabuleiro.

Papagaio Island shows one of the ways to reconcile tourism and the preservation of natural values making it an attractive place, and creating an elite solution for mass tourism

The island is beyond the environmental parameters recently adopted by the association Roteiros de Charme.

This place is special. The facilities are comfortable and tasteful. The bungalows are integrated into the natural environment. The service is with quality and love. Everything you could want, and on the seashore.

It has a particular attraction for birds, and there are many kinds, including common seabirds like gulls, boobys, frigates, trinta Reis, tico-ticos (names in Portuguese) and many other types of birds. Penguins have been known to stop on the island for a rest in their travels during the winter.

The hiking trails around the island are a beautiful escape, which can be done with a guide or by yourself. There are 8 trails within the forest and down the coast with spectacular views and lush vegetation.

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Our chronology

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• 1972 The island was acquired by Sehn family for a beach house.
• 1993 Hotel construction
• 1994 The Island entered in Roteiros de charme’s Association (Luxury Inns in Brazil)
• 2011 Golden Seal in the Guia 4 Rodas