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Social balance

Care and concern for environmental preservation

The island is a big open nursery, visited by countless rare and exotic birds living free, and we have 3 open nurseries which provide fruit and birdseed to feed them. This really is a sideshow.
The island’s total area is 142,000m² with only 10% used in the hotel structure and the remaining 90% in native area used by cavies, lizards, colorful butterflies, birds, lots of flowers, various types of orchids, bromeliads. Guests should enjoy this environment with respect and responsibility.

We also have a social and environmental work in the local community. An example of this is the collection of used oil in the kitchen.

We created a competition between public schools in the region, giving an award to whoever collected the most used oil. Today this action became a great conquest of Florianópolis, referenced as an international example in the collection of used cooking oil.

The island is also a good example of the use of “root system” that stands for the care and concern for environmental preservation.

The roots zone system uses plants to treat the wastewater. All the water treated by the “roots system” can be 100% reused. We also separate 100% of recyclable residues that are destined for the city receptive office.